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Polished Concrete Method Statement

Feb 11, 2014 Method Statement for Pouring Concrete on Slab on Grade. By Noel Mades Posted on February 11, 2014 In Method Statement (Civil) 15 Comments. After backfilling works the next is casting slab on grade (ground), make sure that all the area beneath grade slab have been properly backfilled and compacted. Approval must be obtained from the Engineer for waterproofing and backfilling works prior …

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POLISHED CONCRETE FINISHING 03 35 10 ... ASTM C171 Standard Specification for Sheet Materials for Curing Concrete. 3. ASTM C779 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Horizontal Concrete Surfaces. ... General statements to comply with a particular code are typically addressed in Conditions of the Contract and Section 01 41 00 -


Describe the process of polishing concrete floors Compare and contrast the different methods for polishing concrete floors and list options for densifiers, sealers and guards. List several safety and environmental benefits of utilizing polished concrete flooring. Explain the life cycle cost benefits of polished concrete floors.


ASTM C 779 - Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Horizontal Concrete Surfaces. D. Reunion Internationale des Laboratoires D'Essais et de Recherches sur les Materiaux et les Constructions (RILEM): Rilem Test Method 11.4 - Standard Measurement of Reduction of Moisture Penetration through Horizontal Concrete Surfaces.

Polished Concrete Floors - Sphere8

Traditional Polished Concrete. Installed as a thick section concrete, with a coloured 'dry-shake' hardener powerfloated into the wet cement surface, this is the original and ultra heavy duty polished concrete. In the past this system was more suited to Wallmart warehouses, however the aesthetic has caught the eye of designers everywhere.

Polished Concrete Guide Homebuilding

May 21, 2020 Polished concrete flooring is achieved using concrete – cement, gravel, sand and water – with chemical densifiers added to it. These densifiers act to fill the holes and pores in the concrete. The poured concrete is then ground down with diamond polishing tools, which get progressively finer until the level of sheen and smoothness you are ...

Slip Resistance of Polished Concrete

Nov 21, 2017 coefficient of friction (DCOF) values for polished concrete surfaces, using the test method in Section 9.6 of ANSI A137.1, American National Standards Specifications for Ceramic Tile. That standard specifies a minimum dynamic coefficient of friction of 0.42 for tiles in level indoor areas that may get wet in use. In 2015, CPC polishing ...

How to Repair Polished Concrete Floors

Nov 18, 2020 A polished concrete floor burnished, stained, guarded and polished up to 3,000 grit; can be quite a sight to behold. Many clients prefer a polished concrete floor as the perfect fit for their projects despite the fact that most concrete floors are far from being perfect slabs.

Slip Resistance of Polished Concrete

Nov 21, 2017 Polished concrete provides a smooth surface that is durable, light reflective, and easy to maintain.

NanoSet 1 gal. Hard-Surface and Polished Concrete ...

Water-based nano-silica formula is ideal for use indoors and outdoors with no rinsing required. Cleans and fortifies at the same time. Cost less than 1 cent per 10 sq. ft. Maintains polished concrete shine and minimizes the dulling of floor finishes that can occur with maintained with just water alone.

Polished Concrete Workshops Kitchen Worktops ...

A concrete worktop can transform your kitchen from a functional room into a true statement. Installing polished concrete worktops When creating concrete surfaces for kitchens or dining tables it’s vital to have a quality moulding process, mix design, casting process, polishing process and sealing process.

A polished concrete floor of beauty - HTC Superfloor™

A concrete floor consists of entirely natural components – stone, sand, water and cement. Because the process is practically chemical-free compared to other flooring solutions for heavily trafficked environments, your HTC Superfloor™ is a good choice both for people and the environment.

Polished Concrete Workshops Kitchen Worktops ...

A concrete worktop can transform your kitchen from a functional room into a true statement. Concrete also brings the benefits of being extremely hardwearing, practical and stain-resistant. ... thanks to our particular sealing method and the absence of joins as well as hypoallergenic. ... Installing Polished Concrete Worktops. When creating ...

An In-Depth Guide To Polished Concrete Floors

Aug 21, 2014 The method used for retrofitting a polished concrete floor is either to (a) cut or sand the existing floor slab to be hardened and polished, or (b) apply a topping slab of polished concrete flooring, at least 50 mm thick, over the existing slab.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polished Concrete ...

Polished concrete is very durable however the level of durability will depend on what process you choose for your floor. The mechanically polished concrete process is the most durable option for inside as it doesn’t have a coating sitting on the surface which means there is nothing that can be scratched, damaged or worn away by foot traffic.

Polished Concrete Floors - Making Procedure and Benefits

Oct 02, 2018 The concrete can be polished by two methods, namely: Wet Method; Dry Method; 1. Wet Method of Polishing Concrete. In the wet method of polishing concrete, during the grinding process, water is used to cool the diamond abrasives. This hence reduces the amount of dust created during the polishing process. The water used in wet polishing method helps to reduce the friction.

Poured Resin Flooring - Polished Concrete Floors Garage ...

Contemporary effects of polished concrete overlay or polished resin concrete for the most demanding of environments. ... We can supply Risk and Method statements and copies of our Insurances backed by NFU. Contact Us. Submit. Contact Details. Phone. 0800 1932 252. Mobile. 07973 838735.

Repair method for corrosion-damaged beam Concrete ...

Apr 01, 1991 We're making plans to repair a concrete beam that's been damaged by corrosion. The 100-year-old, nine-story building being repaired has a C-shaped footprint that extends through the first eight floors. At the ninth floor a beam spans the open gap in the C. The beam supports masonry walls for the ninth floor, some of the roof loads, and a masonry parapet on the roof. The beam spans 24 feet …

Concrete Floors - Overland Park Concrete Designs

Polished concrete is achieved by mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing the concrete surface. The concrete can be colored with a dye and polished to a variety of sheen. Much like sanding a piece of wood, the more passes and the higher grit you polish with, the higher the gloss factor will be.

CONCRETE BASICS A Guide to Concrete Practice

Concrete Basicsaims to provide a clear, concise explanation of all aspects of making quality concrete; from the Materials and Properties involved through Planning, Preparation, Finishing and Curing. Concrete Basicsaddresses the needs of unskilled and semi-skilled persons undertaking general concreting projects including home and handyman projects.

Concrete Polishing: Basic Steps to Polishing Concrete …

Choosing a Polishing Method: Wet vs. Dry You can polish concrete using wet or dry methods. Although each has its advantages, many polishing contractors prefer the dry method because it’s faster, more convenient, and environmentally friendly. Wet polishing uses water to cool the diamond abrasives and eliminate grinding dust.

Honeycombs in Concrete - Their Causes and Remedies

Honeycombs are hollow spaces and cavities left in concrete mass on the surface or inside the mass where concrete could not reach. These look like honey bees nest. Improper vibration and workability of concrete are main causes of honeycombs in concrete. Honeycombs which are on sides are visible to naked eyes and can be detected […]

Concrete Polishing JCarrizal

Concrete floor polishing is initially a more time-consuming method, requiring up to nine steps depending on what method is used. But once these steps have been made, a polished concrete floor can last up to 20 years with very easy, cost-effective maintenance.

Concrete Restoration Systems - Mapei

Over time, horizontal concrete surfaces suffer surface deterioration due to heavy use, abrasion, ice, salt or age – a common problem for light commercial and residential projects alike. When it comes to concrete surfaces, the most cost-effective way…

Why Polish Concrete floor staining

Polished floors are a new method employed for the grinding and polishing of old and new concrete floors. It is not only a method for protecting a concrete floor - in as much as a process for turning a concrete floor into a highly abrasion resistant, incredibly dense, smooth and visually appealing surface.


concrete flooring and associated components has now run for several editions and since the first edition in 2001 there have been many developments, not only in Health and ... 2 SAFE WORKING METHOD STATEMENTS AND PRE-START CHECKS 15 3 TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION 19 4 DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS 21

How to Repair a Damaged Concrete Floor

With concrete floor repairs, there are three types of repairs that are the most common; surface cracks, pitting and spalling of concrete - this requires more effort but equally as repairable as surface cracks. How to prevent and repair Surface Cracks. Concrete floors crack - pure and simple.

How to Polish Concrete - An Overview of the Grinding ...

Apr 14, 2020 Polished concrete in not simply exposing the rock in the concrete mix then applying a sealer. During the polishing process an internal impregnating sealer is applied. The sealer sinks into the concrete and is invisible to the naked eye. It not only protects the concrete from the inside out, it also hardens and densifies the concrete.

How to Pour Exposed Aggregate Concrete (with Pictures ...

Oct 12, 2019 As for amount, concrete is purchased by the yard. If you have trouble figuring out how much is needed, tell the concrete company your square footage and thickness. One yard of concrete is the equivalent to 81 square feet per 4 inch thick concrete. The equivalent for 6 inch thick concrete …

Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)- Work Procedure

Do not pour concrete without levelling and compacting. Do not pour concrete in the pit from a height of more than 1.5 m. Do not allow extra cement mortar on top of PCC. for smooth finishing. Advantages of Laying Plain Cement Concrete. Required cover to bottom reinforcement is …

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